Logo & Brand Identity: Portfolio

Our clients are from a wide range of industries, below you'll find a small selection of the brands we have recently created, giving our clients a new "book cover" for their business.

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  • Client: Izmir Delight
    Category: Turkish Cuisine


    Project Objectives:

    Create a unique brand identity that reflected Turkish authenticity and heritage. 

    It was a requirement that the brand had to include the "evil eye" as a part of the identity. 

  • Client: Display
    Category: Photography and Videography Marketing


    Project Objectives:

    Client liked the idea of having a fun, script font, but with the clean aesthetic of black & white. 

    The brand needed to be striking, yet subtle enough that it wouldn't distract from the product it appears on.

  • Client: OpenOffer
    Category: Residential Property Real Estate


    Project Objectives:

    Bright and clean, supported by a new website, the brand needed to say exactly what it was about. Simple. Easy to use. Get the job done. 

  • Client: New Zealand Walks
    Category: Tourism, Guided Walks


    Project Objectives:

    Updating an outdated logo that was complicated and difficult to utilise we maintained the overall essence of the original brand whilst modernising and improving the functionality. 

  • Client: ZEST Hair Design
    Category: Hair Salon


    Project Objectives:

    Clean aesthetic that would clearly define the brand and support strong visuals, signage and team apparel.

  • Client: Wizard Bookkeeping
    Category: Accounts & Bookkeeper


    Project Objectives:

    Overhaul original logo that was cluttered and difficult to use to a clean, modern aesthetic that maintained the original identity's essence.

  • Client: Nautico Creative
    Category: Super-yacht brand and marketing


    Project Objectives:

    New brand identity for our sister-brand. Clean lines, nautical essence included in the A.

  • Client: Broadwater
    Industry: Superyacht


    Project Objectives:

    Overhaul original brand and introduce new elements including monogram and supporting designs for a strong, luxury brand identity.

  • Client: Boogie Beats DJ Entertainment
    Industry: Event entertainment


    Project Objectives:

    Did someone say funky?! This brand needed to be fun, and personify the essence of a good time.

  • Client: Practics 
    Industry: Business and corporate


    Project Objectives:

    Incorporate client's ideas and refine to an overall brand identity that showcased pieces of a puzzle coming together.

  • Client: AM PM Photography
    Industry: Portrait Photographer


    Project Objectives:

    Client was after a modern retro vibe that clearly showed the two styles of photography he provides.

  • Client: The Decking Guys
    Industry: Custom decks


    Project Objectives:

    Modern, industrial and clean. 

  • Client: Garden City Skips
    Industry: Skip Hire


    Project Objectives:

    Bright and vibrant logo that would look striking on trucks and website.

  • Client: ME. Marlborough Events
    Industry: Event organiser 


    Project Objectives:

    Fun, bright, clean and functional.

  • Client: The Best Nest
    Industry: Boutique egg supply at farmers market


    Project Objectives:

    A modern vintage / rustic farmhouse vibe that could be applied to packaging, signage and a website.

  • Client: SimX
    Industry: Crisis Simulation


    Project Objectives:

    A technology focused brand that would be applied to a website and digital forums.


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