A whole new world.

Client: Broadwater
Category: Luxury yacht, Mediterranean based, new vessel for charter
Scope: Brand identity, brand collateral and deliverables 

Project Objectives:

The third iteration of the yacht BROADWATER was being built in Amsterdam and was due for launch in mid-2020. Fashion brand SØRENSEN had already been commissioned to overhaul the apparel for crew and guests and Rubyfive Design was engaged to revitalise the brand and create a "BROADWATER world" – a cohesive and immersive experience where every detail was considered and the brand would appear consistent at every touch point.

With the launch of the new yacht, BROADWATER was to undergo a full brand overhaul with modern styling, working closely with SØRENSEN to maintain a cohesive approach to all deliverables and brand outcomes.

The original Broadwater logo appeared to have had some modifications over time which left it’s integrity

compromised. We refined the wordmark and introduced supporting elements including a new monogram and a hull number graphic plus new colour palette and typography. 

A large number of branded collateral items and deliverables were created to showcase the use of the brand and ensure consistency throughout. A strong connection with key members of the crew was established to ensure they understood the importance of maintaining the brand standards to make sure the brand's integrity was upheld. 

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