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Liz came to me with a vision that her business would appear friendly and approachable to small and new business owners, as well as professional and trustworthy to larger corporates and government entities. 

She had ideas for her logo that needed fine-tuning and so in collaboration her new brand was born! After struggling with an initial iteration of her website that she didn't feel was an accurate portrayal of Practics, Liz came to me asking for guidance on what to do. We settled on a complete redesign, focusing on improving the usability & flow, overall vibe & language and tailoring the design to be a better fit. 

Now both Liz and her team are proud to show off their new website, and they're able to write blog posts and promote events on their site by themselves and with ease! 

Liz Web Profile Image
Practics Flyers Mockup
Practics Website Mockup
Practics website screen capture
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