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The Picton Bookshop



Opening a bookshop has been a dream of my client, Megan, for many years. Finally ready to start her endeavour, she reached out to me because she knew having great branding would be a crucial part of the success of her business, and she was seeking someone she could trust with the process.  

I have loved working with Megan, drinking many coffees together and sharing in the excitement of starting her business. I can't wait to see The Picton Bookshop be a destination for book lovers everywhere and to keep working with Megan and her team as it does!

Phase One: Stylescapes

Stylescapes are a carefully collected combination of images, textures, typography, and colours to communicate a certain look and feel of a brand. They are like moodboards, but created with more intention. 

Stylescapes allow a design direction to be agreed upon before bespoke elements, such as a logo, are created.

After our initial conversation I made notes on what Megan was looking to achieve with her new business. From these notes I was able to create three different stylescapes that would be used as a foundational direction to take the branding. Megan quickly settled on the modern, clean and vibrant stylescape and it has served as a great tool for her to make further decisions such as interior design and decor choices.

Vintage, Rustic, Comfort

Muted natural tones and pastels, lots of textures such as wood, brick and kraft paper with typographic elements that lend themselves to being letterpress or stamped. 

Contemporary, Timeless, Bold

Dark and moody colour palette that would complement the decor with dark woods, big armchairs and white on dark for signage and branded materials. 

Modern, Clean, Vibrant

High contrast colour palette of deep Nordic green, teal and a pop of orange. The Nordic Green kept for decor and Clean typography in the palette's vibrant colours and contrasted in white. 

Phase Two: Logo Design

All good brands deserve variations so the brand can be consistent across all applications. In this instance I created landscape and portrait versions, with and without Te Reo Maori byline (which is the translation of The Picton Bookshop).

Passionate about Te Reo Maori, Megan requested another iteration of the logo where it would appear in Te Reo, I was happy to oblige and it looks great on the shop signage!

Phase Three: Application